April 24, 2017

It's been a busy week.  Bronwen and I went to Scottsdale and did demos with our portable torch set up.  We were the entertainment for a conference of medical people.  They loved what we did and we exposed more people to the art of making glass!

The next day we did demos for the City School open house here in Tucson.  I don't do much teaching with kids so I wasn't aware of what was going on with the City School kids.  Boy, is there some talent there.  For a year and a half they worked on a cactus display for their school.  They did a fantastic job.  I tried to get pictures but the glare was too bad and they didn't turn out.  If you are downtown Tucson stop by City School on Pennington and check out the window display.

I am also teaching a private student to make beads for Beads of Courage.  I signed up for this program some months ago and I got paired up with Jennifer a month ago.  Jennifer has caught on quickly and we are well on our way to her 30 beads needed to complete our time together.  Hopefully she will want to continue to make beads for Beads of Courage.

Rainy day

January 15, 2017

It's a rainy day here in Tucson, Arizona and a perfect day to update my website.  I am so grateful to Tracy for helping me get this up and going.  Her patience with me is so appreciated!  Yesterday Sarah and I got the pictures done right before it started to rain.  Even though my pictures aren't the best, I try to give people a good view of my work and different angles and lighting.  

For my jewelry I have decided, due to client comments, to show every piece on someone so the customer can get an idea of how it will lay on a human being instead of just laying flat or on a display form.   It makes for extra work but Sarah and I have fun doing it.  

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show is fast approaching.  Sonoran Glass School is hosting 25 vendors this year along with the Annual Flame Off.  I will not be selling at the Gem Show but you will find me at Sonoran Glass School or tooling around other shows.  If you come to the Flame Off on Friday February 3rd look me up and say "Hi", as I'm usually working the Flame Off.

Meme?? 12/13/2016

What is this word MEME??  I started hearing the word about a year ago.  I've looked the word up and every time I hear someone use it I don't get it.  What makes something a meme?  Where did the word meme even come from?  I've been told it's a picture with words on it--really??  Why is that a meme?  Why is a picture with words on it called a meme??  Isn't that just a picture with words on it?  I've not even sure how to use it in a sentence--the word and what is supposedly means just doesn't make sense to me.  Just saying....